Our Vision

The Vision of KIMSR Institute is "National Progress through creation of a Knowledge- based Society. "

Our Mission

To Establish an Academic INSTITUTE which nurtures a passion for learning & creative thinking and to focus on Progressive Education by offering a Comprehensive, Innovative & Contemporary's education programme. To reduce the educational inequity by providing educational Opportunities to all.


• To operate as an educational and research hub that networks with national and international practitioners from management sector.
• To manage the content, design, delivery, learning outcomes and continuous innovation of the academic programmes in a manner that earns accrediation of international stature.
• To offer customized training programmes with relevant conceptual inputs and skills to address the demand of the increasing competitive and complex domain of the management sector.
• To create knowledge through research in the areas of technomanagerial challenges, and also disseminate it for the benefit of students, practicing managers and policy makers in the management sectors.
• To promote a strong, effective and mutually beneficial industry-institute interaction.