About Us

The Kala Institute of Management Studies and Research (KIMSR)

We at KIMSR recognize that a professional program in management at postgraduate level must equip students with clear concept in evenly function al area of management. Understanding of business and associated eco-political issues, and exposure to real life industry practice are equally important for successful managerial career. Along with knowledge and understanding of business, one would also need to hone several soft skills. The teaching at KIMSR is carefully designed and delivered to impart conceptual knowledge, provide in depth dedication requirement and two years of engaging co-curricular and extracurricular activities also add value to the personality development of our students.

Our dedicated team of full-time facility members, who are actively engaged in case writing, research and publication, takes deep interest in shaping young minds. We are fortunate to receive great support from the industry. Experienced industry managers volunteer in large number to help us in admission of students, designing curriculum, course development, teaching and case writing.

Fast growing library with large number of books, journals and other resources, physical and online, satisfy our students thirst for knowledge. A computer laboratory and other physical facilities on our campus provide a backbone for creating a healthy and congenial learning environment for teachers and students. Sport and other facilities make campus life quite livable, enjoyable and interactive, all conductive to learning and enriching campus experience.

If you want to pursue a lucrative management career in the fast growing economic sectors or other aspects of business, this institute is one welcome to visit our website and also our campus. An MBA experience with us will empower, enrich and transform your life.